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At homeroom, we believe that you do not need to know everything about business, but you do need to perfect the skills in running your own business. Homeroom offers workshops, consultation, coaching, and local specialty referrals to help you streamline your business so that you can focus instead on what you love to do. 

Homeroom is a program which seeks to empower creative freelancers and small businesses. We partner with local, niche experts to help you empower all aspects of your business.



Learn About Workshops


Are you ready to take the next step in your business? Review the schedule for upcoming workshops or set-up a coaching session with one of our recommended advisors. We provide workshops for creatives on the categories below. 

We have two marketing and two finance workshops scheduled in 2018. These will be retreat style workshops so that we can shut off the world and fully concentrate on mastering this section of your business. We'll also have some fun while we're there. Sledding in the Colorado Rockies while finally feeling confident with your pricing, Yes, please!



What We Offer


Homeroom is a program which seeks to empower creative freelancers and entrepreneurs. We give you access to niche business experts to help empower you to master all aspects of your business.

We're not gonna lie or feed you a gimicky pitch. We don't have the one size size fits all cure. What makes Homeroom different than other workshops and conferences is that we use core business principles and guide you to apply them to your unique business. In our finance workshop (Streamline Your Benjamins), you'll gain a new understanding of finance hard and fast truths, and you'll walk away with a comprehensive strategy for current and future years.


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Creativity and art drive culture. Your motivation and talent fuel us to help you to live your best life. We LOVE and value creative talent and are committed to helping creatives sustain a living from their profession. And we're not talking only being able to pay themselves during peak season.We mean being able to feel at ease with putting food on your table, taking those regular family vacations, and you know, retiring one day. Read our full story and find out how you can continue to follow Homeroom through our mission.