We put an emphasis on the work because
this isn’t yet another business lecture series. Participants will
not only walk away with a greater understanding of business and
pages of notes to reference, they’ll also already have the
first couple of steps in the new strategy DONE.

Workshops are offered both in-person at various locations around the US
(mostly in Portland, OR) as well as online.

Modern Marketing with Social Media

Modern Marketing with Social Media

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WEDS. OCT 24th, 2018

Modern Marketing with Social Media
10am - 4pm

Wellsprings School
2440 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. Suite 202, Portland, OR


*refunds are not available for cancellation or no show, BUT tickets can be transferred by participant.

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Day’s Schedule:

10am - 12pm honing your target market
12 - 1pm group LUNCH (not provided)
1 - 3pm mastering Instagram
3 - 4pm planning & scheduling your next month


Over the last decade the landscape around the marketing for a business has completely shifted. Gone are the days of only taking out advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Social media has led to new terms like “following”, “influencer”, and “engagement”. As Instagram, and marketing in general seem like they change daily, there are still some core pillars that reign true for any marketing strategy.

In this one day workshop we will take a deep dive into understanding your target market, framing your business’s unique social media marketing strategy, and helping you turn that strategy into REAL DOLLARS. After all, a fancy Instagram doesn’t mean much if it’s not contributing to money in your wallet!

Your Instructors:

After years of running her own photography business, Courtney decided to hit the books again and get her MBA. In 2016, while in grad school, she started Homeroom. Today, she consults with small businesses on marketing and financial strategies to promote growth and sustainability, in addition to speaking at various groups and industry conferences both locally and internationally. The focus that drives her education is about perfecting the foundation of a business so that the rest comes easy. …well, easier.

Jade has been working with small businesses to improve their social media presence for the last 7 years. She has seen over a decade of shifts and changing trends in the market. Now she infuses that experience into educating freelancers and business owners on how to make those shifts work WITH them, instead of fighting against them. She places heavy weight on engagement so that her clients and class participants can get the most out of their experience and use it to make REAL MONEY.