DAY 1 of Streamline Those Benjamins

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DAY 1 of Streamline Those Benjamins

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Streamline Those Benjamins: a photographer’s guide to financial freedom

Don't have enough mental or financial bandwidth to take the entire Streamline Those Benjamins Workshop? You can now take just the first day of the workshop, and then join in to the main workshop on day two when you feel ready.

Tuesday Oct 31st, 9-4
This is a ONE DAY workshop. It consists of DAY 1 of the Streamline those Benjamins WORKSHOP.

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To run a financially successful creative freelance business, you don’t have to know everything about business accounting and finance, but you do have to know YOUR numbers. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or stream through endless YouTube videos about how to organize the charts and categories. You don’t have to keep your head in the sand while crossing your fingers that it will all balance out come tax season.

This workshop is the 1st day of the Streamline those Benjamins workshop. We will walk through listing, organizing, and allocating expenses. Building the cost of each service will start to give a business a better understanding of how to organize pricing and annual revenue goals.


$600 - 1 day workshop
$900 - 1 day workshop + a 90 min. 1 on 1 session (regularly a $400 value) to answer any questions and fully customize your annual finances/offerings

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