Streamline Those Benjamins - INTEGRATIVE

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Streamline Those Benjamins - INTEGRATIVE

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The purpose of this retreat style WORKSHOP is to understand all the ins and outs of how money flows through your business. You'll walk away with a full financial strategy for your unique business including: pricing for profit, creating annual goals, and preparing for growth.

3 day INTEGRATIVE workshop will be held from 10am-4pm:
Tuesday Oct 17th
Tuesday Nov 14th
Tuesday Dec 12th

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To run a financially successful creative freelance business, you don’t have to know everything about business accounting and finance, but you do have to know YOUR numbers. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or stream through endless YouTube videos about how to organize the charts and categories. You don’t have to keep your head in the sand while crossing your fingers that it will all balance out come tax season.

This workshop will walk you through how to figure out your own individual pricing, and maintain financial stability in your business. Over a 2-month period, we will help you build the foundation ONE TIME so that you can use it again and again for each new year. You will be financially empowered in your own business instead years of guess-work and trial & error.


$1500 - three-day workshop
$1800 - three-day workshop + a 90 min. 1 on 1 session (regularly a $400 value) to answer any questions and fully customize your annual finances/offerings

*20% discount when paying in-full at registration. Various payment methods are available at checkout

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