Courtney Zerizef

Courtney has worked in a myriad of different industries. Currently, she works as a wedding and family photographer, and began working as a creative entrepreneur/freelancer consultant after pursuing her MBA. In a previous life/career, she worked in a behavioral neuroscience lab at OHSU where she focused on stats and data analysis. All of this has culminated in a far too intricate knowledge worksheet hacks, the creation of efficient pricing and accounting strategies for freelancers, and an insider understanding of the creative market (photography in particular).

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what you'll learn

To run a financially successful creative freelance business, you don’t have to know everything about business accounting and finance, but you do have to know YOUR numbers. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or stream through endless Youtube videos about how to organize the charts and categories. You don’t have to keep your head in the sand hoping that it will all balance out come tax season. We will give you the tools and walk you through how to best outline your budget. We will help you build the structure ONE TIME so that you can use it again and again for each new year. You can tweak it here and there as your business develops to allocate resources for each new job as well as forecast for coming years.

In this workshop, we'll walk through your business step-by-step. Photographers will learn how to categorize and organize expenses, identify client offerings, create and implement PRICING, and understand the cost of each offering. From here, we will be able to outline your current budget, and create your ideal/goal scenario to help you achieve your best year yet.

On day one, we will start with the basics. By day three, we will have built a custom, annual budget. Each stage will be broken down into manageable steps. We will work through charts and graphs for your specific business to use as a blueprint for the current and coming years. You will be able to make strategic business decisions (including marketing, hiring, and business growth) by understanding the layout of your numbers.

FRIDAY JAN 5TH, 2018; 10am-3pm

  • Explaination of budgeting
  • Unique aspects of photography industry
  • Fixed vs. Variable expenses
  • Create COB and Cost of Living
  • Organizing your business expenses
  • Product pricing theories and workbook
  • Homework/Excercise assignment

SATURDAY JAN 6TH, 2018; 10am-3pm

  • Review and share homework/exercise
  • Breakdown and building of offerings (packages vs. basic coverage)
  • Understanding your target market
  • Breakdown COR and Contribrution Margin from variable expences
  • Discuss strategies for budget tracking and accounting throughout the year

SUNDAY JAN 8TH, 2018; 10am-2pm

  • Overview of tax preperation (1hr Q& A session with professional tax preparer: Jenna from Math LLC)
  • Review annual revenues, costs, and margins
  • Review and strategize for taxes
  • Understand "Breakeven" numbers
  • Preparing for the future with forecasts
  • Using current number and future projections for strategic business decisions

course outline

MORE DEtails

First thing's first: know your expenses. As a business, it's important to be able to account for and anticipate each of your outgoing dollars. Maybe more importantly, how much do you need to get paid? Margarita Mondays aight cheap, amirite?!

Organizing your expenses and tracking your hours will transfer into strategies of price, cost, and targeting. From there, you will be able to build your pricing and organize what you offer your clients. We've all been in that situation where we nervously send our pricing list because we have next to no confidence in what is listed. This workshop will alleviate your pricing woes. You'll walk away feeling fully confident in your numbers and (more importantly) your value.

Understanding the details behind your offerings is essential to projections and goal setting. By integrating your specific expenses into your custom excel sheet, you will be able to automatically forecasts or predict profit for upcoming years. As a business, your goal is to provide great value and maximize profit. This workshop will walk you through how to accomplish just that.

The best part is, the sheet does the hard part for you. You'll walk away with a custom budget planning and tracking sheet that you'll be able to update over the years as your expenses and prices increase. It even estimates your taxes so you don't get stuck with a surprise bill come April. The sheet can and should be used for growth planning for your personal and business financial goals as your business grows.

$1500 for this three-day workshop (option to pay 1/2 to register and 1/2 at the door OR 1/3 to register with a monthly payment plan until Jan 5th)
$2100 for three-day workshop + a 90 min. 1 on 1 intensive to answer any questions and fully customize your annual budget/offerings



This is the only in-depth, hand-on pricing and budgeting workshop for photographers currently available. literally, I haven't seen this much value (for pricing and accounting) being offered specifically to creatives ANYWHERE.


To register, you will be prompted to fill-out a short form. Another form will be e-mailed to all attendees prior to the start of the workshop.

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