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These tools are created to help business owners organize their finances. Once the numbers are organized, the real fun begins. With confidence in pricing, costs, and projections, come real planning and growth for business. Some of these worksheets are the same that will be used in various WORKshops and strategy sessions, so please read the details carefully before purchasing both.

Product Pricing Tracker

Product Pricing Tracker


If you're a photographer (or other creative business owner) and you want to be able to offer products to your customers, but the thought of keeping track of your vendors, expenses, pricing, discounts, and margins is overwhelming, this helpful tracker is going to alleviate your woes.

$150 for this 2-tab, comprehensive worksheet

A few things to note:

  • This is an .xlsx document. It is only guaranteed to work in Microsoft Excel. It will work for both Mac and PC.

  • You don't have to have a working knowledge of excel to use. The download will include a handy pdf guide to walk you through everything.

  • The document is pretty intuitive, and it is also UNBREAKABLE. Most cells are locked in order to prevent formula changes. If you change a vendor, and your expenses change, your total expenses and margins will automatically change based on your unique input.

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And a little fine print:

  • This is a two-tab .xlsx file. It will work for both Mac and PC.

  • Homeroom retains the copyright to all digital goods. It is not permissible to rebrand, share with another business or company, alter, or resell without permission from Homeroom LLC

  • There are no returns on this product.

  • If you have any questions, errors, or concerns, please contact: courtney@homeroompdx.com