Jordan Hayles

Jordan crafts brand personalities that uncover the hidden layers of your identity to make your product, service or brand easily recognizable & immediately relevant. She is currently writing a book: Your Brand is Boring.

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what you'll learn

Website shame is real. Not having the business cards you deserve is real. But behind all of those issues, is a branding issue. We’re here to help.

Freelancers often have so many different things that they’re doing and have no idea how to brand it cohesively. Good branding will help you to tell your story. In this workshop, we will untangle what you really want to say, what your customers want to hear, and what makes you different from your competition. Once we have developed a single story that works, we’ll show you how to implement and translate that into your online and offline spaces. You’ll be held accountable during this 2 day workshop and bring what you’ve done back for strategic review.

TUESDAY AUGUST 8th, 2017; 1-4pm

  • Product vs. Service
  • Identify questions and key issues individually and in your industry
  • Breakdown of branding
  • Identify unique voice
  • Map target market/competition
  • Honing in on issues of YOUR group

TUESDAY AUGUST 22nd, 2017; 1-4pm

  • Review and share excercise/branding homework
  • Create implementation workflow
  • Story Lab
  • Identifying branding tools to help your business
  • Final Execution

course outline

$450 for this two-day workshop (option to pay 1/2 to register and 1/2 at the door)
$575 for two-day workshop + a 30 min. 1 on 1 session to answer any questions and fully customize your branding strategy

To register, you will be prompted to fill-out a short form. Another form will be e-mailed to all attendees prior to the start of the workshop.

50% of the course cost is reserved as a non-refundable retainer.

Please e-mail with any questions: