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Are Instagram Ads Worth It


In the last post, we briefly discussed market segmentation. This is critical in targeted marketing campaigns like Facebook and Instagram. To start, create a general overview of your customers. If you’re a wedding photographer, that may be young men and women who are engaged or about to be engaged.


Who are your best clients that you have worked with recently? What’s their profession? Are they freshly out of college or have they been in job market a while? Do they already have kids? Do they have a certain style? Do they spend a certain range on their wedding?

You’ll begin to find the commonalities with your best clients. This is where you should start to focus. This is your target market. It doesn’t mean that you won’t work with or like working with people outside your target market, but it means that is your sweet spot.

Once you have this honed in, you can start to target them in your outward facing campaigns to reach your target market. If you’ve found that your target market (or one of your target segments) is men and women between the age of 27 and 30 with tattoos who makes a combined household income of $80-100,000, you can create social media (or other) campaigns that may be appealing to that segment. A more targeted approach may be seen by less potential clients, but it will create higher interest, investment, and conversion.

In the example above, one suggestion may be to create two Instagram campaigns. One using images from a previous customer that showcases their tattoos and promotes some content that you've put together on your website. Another shows a similar image but uses different language or points the audience to a deal that you're offering, one time only. ...and maybe even a third.  This is called A/B testing. Once the ads are done running you can compare the results. Continued ad comparison will start to tell you the most successful strategies for using social media, or any other form of promotion.

Source: Instagram Ad Strategy

Courtney Zerizef