Answering YOUR Questions

How Do I Get Unstuck


At some point, every business gets to a point where they need to expand their customer base. They’ve dried up current revenue streams and either need to grow beyond their current customer base, or find a way to bring in more money from their current customers. For many creatives, the first big step to finding paying customers is the hardest.

One of the more basic, but really important questions to ask yourself is: WHAT DO YOU OFFER? How are you different from your competition? What are you better at than anyone else? Maybe it’s changed over the years, so your target market has changed without you even knowing it.

Once you start to hone in on your business’ differentiation, you can start to tease out WHO WANTS WHAT YOU SELL. This is where you can (and should) really dive deep. You can start to create segments to hone in on your target market(s). Having a tack sharp idea of who your customer is will allow you to pinpoint their needs and motivations. In turn, it will allow you to successfully target each segment in your marketing strategies including branding, social media, and even in your offerings.

Courtney Zerizef