Homeroom is a program which seeks to empower creative entrepreneurs and small businesses through in-person workshops and consultation. We put business experts in front of you, give you hands-on content, and work with you to reclaim your worth.



Homeroom is a place for creative entrepreneurs. A place for them untangle their business challenges. A place where they can build a foundation for a better business without (most of) the headache. Pricing, branding, business growth and accounting/budgeting can be MASTERED!

Homeroom is the BRIDGE between the creative industry and business experts who know their sh*t.
— Courtney Zerizef, Homeroom founder

Homeroom was created from a need for business know-how in the creative industry. We really value everything that creative individuals bring to our world. After all, creativity drives culture, which is even more reason for creative entrepreneurs to take themselves seriously as a business. 


Our workshops are segmented into various business subjects that are current needs within the industry. And unlike other workshops, you won't just walk away with pages of notes from speaker content. Homeroom uniquely creates the curriculum for each workshop so that when attendees leave, they have a complete strategy for their unique business. You know, we'll actually do work.

But don't worry, it's not all work. Our workshops are purposefully located in some of the most beautiful, fun places around the country. Log cabins in Breckenridge, CO, anyone? How about a beach house (well, mansion) on the Oregon Coast? Yes, please! While we want you to to walk away with some real know-how and new-found confidence, we also want you to have fun.


Courtney Zerizef | Founder


I love to help creatives find their business success. When I started my photography business, I felt completely overwhelmed when it came to building a good business foundation. I was paralyzed and frustrated with the lack business education for creatives. Having little to no resources made a difficult task 100 times harder.

After years of feeling like I was over-my-head drowning, lots of trial & error, and many failures & successes, I started to find a bit of a rhythm. A few more years later, and the unexpected happened, I began to really love the business end of things. I started to swim. I started Homeroom while pursuing my MBA.


It wasn't until I was taking my masters level Accounting and Finance classes that I truly started to understand how money flowed in & out of my photography business. Form there, I was able to make smarter decisions about pricing, budgeting, and growth. I was floored that it took getting an MBA to understand this; however, I literally couldn't find the kind of business help I needed before ...and it wasn't for lack of trying. You shouldn't (and don't) have to get your MBA to understand the cashflow of your small business. That's where Homeroom comes in!


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