Courtney Zerizef


I love to help creatives find their business success. When I started my photography business, I felt completely overwhelmed when it came to building a good business foundation. I was paralyzed and frustrated with the lack business education for creatives. Having little to no resources made a difficult task 100 times harder.

After years of feeling like I was over-my-head drowning, lots of trial & error, and many failures & successes, I started to find a bit of a rhythm. A few more years later, and the unexpected happened, I began to really love the business end of things. I started to swim.

I started Homeroom while pursuing my MBA. It's a place for creative entrepreneurs. A place for them untangle their business challenges. A place where they can build a foundation for a better business without (most of) the headache. Pricing, branding, business growth and accounting/budgeting can be managed!


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